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The Best Trends: Spring/Summer 2012

While the trends that have been highlighted on this blog over the past ten weeks haven’t been the only trends of spring and summer 2012, they have definitely been some of the most popular. According to, fashion trends became widely known and divergent during the 70s and 80s, but they’ve been changing constantly ever since. One of the greatest aspects of fashion is that everyone has their own opinions on and variations of each trend. As I’ve stressed in every post, it’s important to make the trend your own. Different people achieve this differently by playing up their look with accessories or by combining two trends to create diversity.

Students at Western Kentucky University have declared their favorites of the trends I highlighted and they have spoken out about why their favorite trend appeals to them the most and what they do with the trend to make it work for them.


If you are just finding out about the hottest trends of spring and summer 2012, don’t fret. There is still time to find your niche and make it yours with help from the advice given in my posts and projects.

As always, please share a photo of how you work your favorite trend as a response to this post. Share your style ideas!

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Spring may be approaching, but don’t bother pulling out the pastels and paisley prints- neon will be a bold way to “amp up” the season this year. Found on shirts, shoes, pants, socksdresses and more, neon clothes are already taking over the stores. Not only will the trend be found in a variety of clothing articles, Marie Claire says that it’ll be available in a variety of colors from bright white to electric blue.

A 2010 article titled “Top 10 Fashion Trends Men Hate too See on Women” on Yahoo! Shine listed neon with 73% of men polled disapproving of the trend. (No statistic was found on the female opinion towards men wearing neon.) Before brushing off the “neon” trend due to this statistic, consider that the opinion towards neon has every possibility to change now that two years have passed and now that men are also given the chance to actively participate in the trend this time around.

For those of you who are still iffy about the screaming colors, try pairing a neon item with a neutral item to achieve balance. Also, neon can be worn in accesories, such as a belt or a bracelet, yet it can still make a strong impact. As I always say, dress as if 2012 really is our last year…make a statement!

Examples of this trend can be found all over the stores and the internet. If you’ve already gotten in on the trend, please share a photo of how you work the neon trend as a response to this post. Share your style ideas!

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