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The Best Trends: Spring/Summer 2012

While the trends that have been highlighted on this blog over the past ten weeks haven’t been the only trends of spring and summer 2012, they have definitely been some of the most popular. According to, fashion trends became widely known and divergent during the 70s and 80s, but they’ve been changing constantly ever since. One of the greatest aspects of fashion is that everyone has their own opinions on and variations of each trend. As I’ve stressed in every post, it’s important to make the trend your own. Different people achieve this differently by playing up their look with accessories or by combining two trends to create diversity.

Students at Western Kentucky University have declared their favorites of the trends I highlighted and they have spoken out about why their favorite trend appeals to them the most and what they do with the trend to make it work for them.


If you are just finding out about the hottest trends of spring and summer 2012, don’t fret. There is still time to find your niche and make it yours with help from the advice given in my posts and projects.

As always, please share a photo of how you work your favorite trend as a response to this post. Share your style ideas!

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Pink Short Suits

An article on Time Magazine’s website states that a recent study conducted by Current Biology found that women may be biologically programmed to prefer the color pink. It goes without saying that many women choose the color pink while shopping for household items, beauty products, and clothing. Well, looking pretty in pink won’t be a challenge for you this spring! There is no better way to bring in the season than by wearing a classy pink short suit. Whether you’re attending a brunch or you’re spending the afternoon shopping on the town, pink short suits look sweet and fun. In some settings, this trend is even office appropriate! The versatility of a pink short suit is endless.

If you don’t dig the short suit as one set, you can switch it up by wearing only the shorts or only the jacket. Not only will you have another look to wear, but you’ll still look fresh and sophisticated. Try pairing the short suit as a whole or the seperate pieces with another trend to look extra hot and fashion forward this season.

While they aren’t all over the lower priced stores yet, the pink short suit can be found for a low price on sites such as ETSY. If you want to splurge on your sophisticated suit set, you can find one at Nanette Lepore, DKNY, and Jenni Kayne. Some suit pieces are sold seperately and can be paired together at your own desire. This allows you some freedom on which piece you want to wear and on what you want to pair the piece with. Some even wear short suits in two different shades of pink!

Examples of this trend can be found all over the internet. If you’ve already gotten in on the trend, please share a photo of how you work your pink short suit as a response to this post. Share your style ideas!

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