JOUR344: How Advertising Will Change in 2013

Although a year doesn’t seem like a long time, a lot can happen within that time. According to the CEO of WPP, 2012 has been a bumper year for advertising because of things like the election and the Olympics. Many changes, major or minor, will occur in the world of advertising over the next year, but I have researched to find out five of the many.

First off, advertising will suffer because of the U.S. economy. The economy can cause the organic revenue growth for advertising companies to rise by a lesser amount than usual. Secondly, newspaper will continue to fall substantially as online advertising continues to rise. The amount of time consumers spend online and the amount of time they will continue to spend is a primary driver for this prediction. Thirdly, video advertising will see a few changes and adopt a few trends. Some of the trends, including many that are already popular, for 2013 will be overlay advertisements (The ads that simply hover over video but don’t disrupt the viewing of it), hot spots (pop-up ads when a cursor is placed over a hot spot, or object), and video rolls (click-through capable video ads streamed through websites that can’t be avoided, but appear fewer throughout the program and are shorter than TV ads). Fourthly, retargeting will be incorporated into most all of digital advertising. Advertisers will be figuring out ways to more successfully find out who to target, when to target them, and how to target them. A final prediction for changes in advertising for 2013 is complete interactivity in digital advertising. This is a prediction that I’m making myself, but I believe that in 2013, almost no digital advertisement will be considered successful if it doesn’t incorporate some sort of interaction with the consumer.

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