JOUR348: The Web’s Impact on TV Production

The web already impacts and will continue to impact my career in several ways. I plan on going into TV Production and focusing on the advertising aspect of it by creating commercials and PSAs. Currently, the web impacts this type of career because people are turning to the internet for their information as much as, if not more than they’re turning to the television for it. Before the web became big, people relied on the television as a primary source for information on products and events. Since the web has came about, if someone wants to know something, they will go look it up on the internet rather than waiting around to hopefully see it on television.

As time and technology continue to progress, this trend will become more and more evident. Television advertisers reach their target audience by determining who they want their message to be seen by and who they want to buy their product, and then they research what kind of television shows those people watch so they can buy space on those networks. The same will hold true for internet video advertising, but will require different methods of obtaining the information. I will have to learn to not only reach consumers by television, but learn how to reach them online as well.

I feel like these changes will continue over the next 5 years and 10 years and will gradually become more evident and hold more truth with each passing year. While having to learn to adapt my knowledge to several different platforms can be a little scary, I’ve been well aware of it for quite some time and I feel that I’m taking the appropriate steps to be mentally and physically prepared for it. I feel like people like watching video and television online because they pretty much have complete control over what they see and when they see it. This acceptance from society also gives me a sense of comfort in the adjustments my career path will have to take on.

A humorous comic of the impact that the internet is starting to have over television.



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