JOUR344: Social Media in the Entertainment Industry


Blogging seems to be all the rage nowadays so typically, big names in the entertainment industry are taking part. Blogging is used in different ways depending on who the blogger is and what they are promoting/representing. By saying this, I mean that TV show blogs are created by either those who work with the TV show or by fans. Obviously, the TV show itself can’t blog and typically, an actor or actress of the TV show that blogs may mention their show throughout the blog, but their blog as a whole is dedicated to their career, not to the TV show. On the other hand, music blogs are often created and/or maintained by the musician themselves or someone who is constantly with the musician if the musician doesn’t actually have the time to personally update. As I touched on earlier, the same goes for actors and actresses. These types of blogs are focused solely on the person (musician or actor) and what they do.

Since I love music and I’ve helped and plan to help in the future with the CMT Awards, I chose to do some research on musician’s blogs and award show blogs.

One of my favorite musicians, Jason Mraz, keeps a blog titled “Jason Mraz Journal.” The blog ( can be found through a link on Mraz’s main website ( The journal promotes Jason in several ways. For one, when you click on the link, one of his newest, most popular songs starts playing. This gives the viewers a preview of his type of music and if the viewer has never heard of him before, they are immediately introduced to his music. The journal is updated with new posts quite frequently, and the topics vary from volunteer work he does, events he participates in, personal stories about his life and past, his political views, etc. There is also a link to his Instagram stream where he posts pictures of his escapades.

When I searched for awards show blogs, I found a few different types of blogs. One blog called “Awards Blog” ( focuses on all of the major awards shows and each post gives a few sentences on the awards show and its highlights. Every post also lists the winners of each major category from each major awards show. Another blog that I found was created and is maintained by The New York Times and is called “Carpetbagger” ( This blog also focuses on the major awards shows, but differs in that it posts many blog posts about different aspects of each show. Since this blog is run by such a prestigious news outlet, it is a lot more sophisticated and informational than the “Awards Blog.” As I said, neither of these blogs are focused on promoting one particular awards show, but focus on promoting the awards show season in general.

This picture sort of encorporates everything that goes into creating blog.

This is a funny comic that hints at how bloggers get super into their blogs.


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