JOUR344: Extra Credit Post 2

Watching The Persuaders taught me a lot about how in detail marketers go to figure out their potential customers. I was definitely surprised about how much information they obtain. It got me thinking about the information I’ve put in the public and what that information may be used for today.

I feel like I would willingly give a great deal of information if there was an incentive to it. I give the typical information (first and last name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, and email address) for a lot of things. I would definitely give this information and maybe even some more personal information for contests if the prize was large and desirable enough. I would give basic information for a discount, but nothing personal. I don’t feel like I would give much information to get online because it’s already so available to me. If I didn’t have any other way to get online other than giving my information, I would be very willing to give a lot of information. The internet is a big part of my life so I would do what it takes to access it. This would be the same way for getting a cell phone. I don’t think I would give much information for a credit card, though, because I don’t have much desire to have one.

I would definitely be willing to reveal my name, address and phone number as long as I knew I wouldn’t be hassled or spammed. I would be willing to give personal information such as my favorite music and snacks because those are pretty basic facts. I would reveal my grades as well, but if I received poor grades, I doubt I would be as willing. As long as my parents are okay with it, I would reveal their salary. I would only do this, though, if it was for something legitimately important to me. I suppose I would reveal medications unless they were embarrassing to whoever has to take them. I would want to keep personal health information private, especially if I was embarrassed by it.


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